Hostels Are Fun, Not Fancy Bed and Breakfast Inns

Most people think of a Bed and Breakfast as a romantic place to go with your sweetheart for a weekend, and that is true. Bed and Breakfast Inns are typically old, elegant Victorian-style homes full of beautiful antique furniture. Romantic, yes, but not the best place for kids, young travelers, groups or solo travelers.What many do not know is that hostels are very similar to bed and breakfast inns; however, they are fun, not fancy. The furniture is more durable and comfortable and the general atmosphere is laid back. You are expected to have fun, relax and enjoy the uniqueness of a hostel. There will be a guest kitchen where you can make your own breakfast, lunch or dinner if you want, with plenty of space to store your food and drinks.Many hostels have free Wi-Fi, house computers and recreation rooms stock full of games, movies and music. Plus there will be plenty of space to gather to socialize and get to know your fellow traveler.While there are private rooms available in a hostel, one of the biggest differences are the dorm rooms. Dorms are perfect for people travelling alone on a budget. There are male and female dorms consisting of sets of bunk beds. Dorms are perfect not only for lone travelers, but for groups. Hostels actually encourage group travel and are set up to accommodate them.Private rooms can be for single travelers, couples or families. In family private rooms you usually find a regular bed along with one or more sets of bunk beds for the kids. A family private room can also be used by groups. Some private rooms have private baths, other private rooms and dorms will share a bathroom.If you are looking for a unique vacation experience, try a hostel. In these trying time, a hostel will not break your budget and will give you a unique experience.